Cholesterol is not very soluble in water; therefore it must be carried around our bloodstream in various transport molecules. Certain proteins called apolipoproteins can wrap around cholesterol and other blood fats (lipids) to form what is called lipoproteins; these are essentially a combination of protein and fat. A description of the major fats in the bloodstream follows:


These are the largest lipoproteins, and mainly transport fat from the intestines to the liver. They mainly carry triglyceride fats and cholesterol which came from the diet, and those manufactured by the liver.

Very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL)

These are the lowest density lipoproteins because they are highest in fat; (the more dense the liproprotein, the more protein it contains). VLDLs are made in the liver and deliver triglycerides to various tissues, especially muscle (for energy production), and body fat (for storage).

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)

This is the so called “bad cholesterol”. It is the major transporter of cholesterol and triglycerides, taking them from the liver to other parts of the body, where they can be used for various functions. You need your levels of LDL to be as low as possible.

There are other types of LDL:

Small dense LDL

This form of LDL is more likely to be taken up into the inner lining of arteries and promote atherosclerosis.

Oxidized LDL

This is what happens when free radicals cause damage to LDL molecules.

This makes them more likely to promote damage to the inner lining of arteries, and for atherosclerosis to develop.

High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)

This is the so called “good cholesterol”. It is high in protein, which makes it denser and lower in cholesterol. This lipoprotein takes cholesterol from various parts of the body to the liver, where it can be excreted in bile. HDL carries antioxidant enzymes and vitamins to prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. You want your HDL to be as high as possible.


These are a storage form of fat, made up of three fatty acids attached to a glycerol molecule. High triglyceride levels in the blood make it thick and sticky; they are a major risk factor for heart disease. Both excess carbohydrate and fat in our diet are converted into triglycerides in the liver.

Lipoprotein (a)

This particle is similar to LDL, but carries a sticky repair protein called apolipoprotein (a) which is used for tissue repair. It is a major risk factor for heart disease because it thickens the walls of the arteries.


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Horsetail, or shave grass, is to be found as a rampant weed growing chiefly in damp clay and sandy soil, on railroad tracks, unfilled ground, on meadows and alongside paths in the fields. In former times this silica-containing plant was used to clean tinware in some areas of Europe. There are more than twenty varieties in Switzerland, although only Equisetum arvense is used for medicinal purposes. Some varieties are even poisonous, for example Equisetum heleocharis which contains a toxic alkaloid called equisetin. This variety is larger than the common horsetail and, like Equisetum palustre, a marsh plant, it should never be used as a medicinal herb. In the remote past shave grass grew considerably taller, attaining the height of a tree, as has been proved by fossilised specimens dug up from the earth.

Today we must content ourselves with the small, rather delicate plant. It has a finely wrought structure and it stands like a tender young fir, pliant yet tough. A flood can knock it to the ground and drag it from its roots, but the little horsetail takes root anew and stands erect. What gives it this toughness and resilience? If we analyse its ash constituents, we will find that it contains 60-65 per cent silica and 15 per cent calcium, with the balance of 20 per cent being made up of other minerals.


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For example, if we extract arnicin from the arnica plant, it will never have the same effect on the heart and blood vessels as the extract that has been made from the whole arnica root. The same principle applies to carrot juice. By using just the isolated carotene as a provitamin, it is impossible to obtain the same medicinal effect as it would by drinking the pure and natural juice. Pure lactic acid as found in sauerkraut also differs in its action from the whole sauerkraut, because the acid is associated with other substances in the fermented cabbage and these possess their own curative properties. Some of these intrinsic properties are still unknown.

These few examples show that the things nature provides in their unadulterated and complete state represent the best source of our remedies. Nature is and will remain the most reliable pharmacy. Anyone gifted with an awareness of what nature has to offer will not be disappointed in his search, whether he be a medical researcher or just eager to learn. Nature will be his willing teacher and will unlock the secrets of its marvellous healing powers.


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Dry, scaly skin that is flaking off can be effectively treated by the external application of St John’s wort oil, in alternation with Symphytum Cream or Symphosan, which contain comfrey and other herbs. At the same time, take Violaforce, a tincture made from heartsease (wild pansy). If the condition is caused by dry psoriasis, you will also have to dab the affected area with Molkosan every day. Callouses, causing skin that is as hard as a lizard’s, are the result of a disease of the endocrine glands, often connected with avitaminosis (a disease caused by vitamin deficiency), and will require special treatment of the underlying cause.


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If the media are right, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and Europe alone have already fallen victim to AIDS. What can be done to prevent it? A widely read American newspaper gave the advice (with which I agree) to lead a morally clean life, rejecting all sexual excesses and other perversions of the body, mind and emotions. This disease has spread mainly, but not exclusively, among those who practise these things, having taken on epidemic proportions. Infection is said to be possible via the mucous membranes, primarily the sex organs. I do not like to write about things like these, I would rather talk about positive aspects of therapies and treatments that are intended to take care of our health and fitness. Still, I may be able to transmit a glimmer of hope, comfort and advice to the fearful.


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Poisons in the form of pesticides and herbicides are often used indiscriminately. These can stick to vegetables, for instance, and are taken into the body through carelessness or lack of forethought. The result can be extremely damaging since lead, arsenic and copper are much more toxic than is generally realised.

The biological balance in plants can be disturbed because of errors when using fertilisers. If such produce is eaten for any length of time, it can also upset the biological balance in the human body.

Tenseness and indurations disturb and slow down the metabolic processes and foster the development of cancer. It is therefore strongly recommended that regular exercise be taken for relaxation as a prophylactic therapy. Indurations, lumps and growths such as scars and warts should be carefully watched. Never scratch or irritate them.


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