Husband is excited by his wife’s body while she depends on tactile stimulation alone to get excitement. Thus husband likes to keep the light on but she prefers dark and even closes her eyes so that the sights which are stimuli to husband causes destructions to wife. Darkness may mean for her modesty, secrecy or safety.What is the common complaint of wife against husband?Wife thinks that she is being taken as granted and husband does not give due importance to arouse her showing his selfishness. A wife may want to prolong coitus after orgasm and feel disappointed when her husband turns away and goes to sleep.
What can be the normal frequency of sex?It depends on the couples health, desire, sexual brought up, education and need. No normal limit can be defined. Kinsey in his survey from the age of adolescence to the age of 85 calculated and it came out to be 3 orgasms per week, including masturbation for men.
What is the frequency Of orgasm a woman gets?In the Kinsey sample about a third of the single females between the ages of 16 and 20, 26 and 30, 46 and 50 experienced one orgasm every other week. Among married females between 21 to 25 about one third had one orgasm. More than 5 percent averaged 3 orgasm a week. 20 percent had one orgasm every other week. Between 36 to 40 one of four women had no more than one orgasm every other week.
Does morals permit girls to masturbate?Society has negative feelings about masturbation by girls. If boy can masturbate why not girls. It is not an unusual practice, it does not cause mental deterioration or physical decay but it has certain advantages that girls who mastrubated to orgasm were more likely to enjoy intercourse later in married life. Masturbation to orgasm can also relieve premenstrual tension and dysmenorrhoea.
When woman feels more sexy?
Wife’s sensual interests are somewhat closer to the surface immediately before, during and after menstruation. Second day of menstruation gives a peak to female according to one survey. On second day some pelvic congestion1 still persists and wife gets orgasm with little bit of man’s effort. A second rise of sex desire coincides with ovulation. There is no reason why people should not concentrate on these days to have orgasms satisfactorily.*101\301\2*

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