Introduction : Diet plays a vital role in control of diabetes. In India, people generally tell, “what to do! When somebody offers sweet etc, I have to accept as a courtesy, so there should not be any shame being a diabetes patient and to tell I am a diabetes patient and will not take sweets or other avoidable things at social function or other occasions”.It is mandatory to have a proper knowledge of food and its constituents in relation to caloric requirement by each diabetes patient for a good control of diabetes. The person who cooks and serves the food also must know what food has to be served to diabetes patient.GOALS OF DIETARY MANAGEMENT1. Restoration of normal blood glucose and optimal levels; maintenance of blood level as close to physiological levels as possible, to :a. Prevent hyperglycaemia and / or hypoglycaemiab. prevent or delay the long term complications of diabetes, c. Contribution to a normal outcome pregnancy for a woman with diabetes.2. Maintenance of normal growth rate in children and adolescents with attainment of body weight in adults (BMI, W/H ratio, height-weight charts)3. Provision of adequate nutrition for the pregnant woman, foetus and lactation.4. Consistency in the timing of meals to prevent swings in blood glucose.5. Determination of a meal plan appropriate for the individual’s life style.6. Management of weight for obese people with NIDDM.7. Improvement in the overall health of people with DM. 9. Reduction in requirement of Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents. lO.Diet to be altered according to complication of DM.In order to ensure dietary compliance diet prescribed should be individualised. It must be depending upon patients liking and disliking, realistic, flexible and must suit the life style of diabetes patients.*26\329\8*

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