These play an important part in turning on a female, unlike the male who can usually perform anywhere, as long as he is not disturbed. A woman on the other hand is turned on by the right ‘atmosphere’—moonlight, a rainy or cloudy day, soft music, enchanting scenery, the sound of the sea, dancing with her partner or even by a situation of extreme grief or danger, such as bombing during a war. She likes to be protected from danger by the male. Strange as it may seem, the secret desire “of some women is to be raped and they often dream about being sexually molested!CULTURAL CONDITIONING: This shapes the sexuality of a woman. She is usually guided by society mores. If she has lived in a society where free sex is practised, she will indulge in it when she grows up without any pangs of conscience. On the other hand, if she has grown up in a culture where sex is taboo and even touching a male is not permitted before marriage, she may ultimately develop a guilt complex which may affect her arousal.*97\262\8*

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