Both Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous hold meetings of recovering addicts and alcoholics – sometimes in church halls, sometimes in hospitals or clinics, occasionally in homes or social-service offices. Just wherever the rent is cheap!
If you decide you want their help, all you have to do is ring their number and they will put local members in touch with you, or tell you where the nearest meeting is.
Meetings vary in format, but a fairly typical NA meeting will usually have a secretary who runs the meeting, and a speaker. Often this speaker will say something about his addiction and how he recovered from it. Other NA members then join in, perhaps adding their comments or telling something about their own experience. Newcomers are not expected to speak at the meeting – though if they want to, they can. Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings are run in the same way.

Starting your own NA meeting-You can start your own Narcotics Anonymous meeting. All you need to do is to contact NA headquarters and they will help with advice.
It’s probably best to start a new meeting with the help of another recovering addict. If you have been to local AA meetings and have met an AA member who used to use drugs as well as drink, ask if he or she will help. Many AA members have a history, if not of illegal drugs, then of being dependent on prescribed drugs like tranquillisers.
You should look out for a sympathetic member who is sober and can give support. If possible, it should be somebody who has been sober for at least a year.


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