The term food allergy has been used to describe an adverse reaction to a particular food. It is thought that all allergies involve an immune system response. For some people this response is almost immediate. Common foods that are linked to this type of allergy are shellfish, strawberries and, even more severe, peanuts. The person may develop a rash, get diarrhea or constipation or in extreme cases severe shock (anaphylaxis).
Masked food allergies, however, have a much more delayed response and the effects can be quite deceptive but may cause a number of symptoms such as weight gain, bloating, water retention, stomach disorders, aching joints, fatigue, stuffy nose, skin problems, asthma, hyperactivity and migraine headaches. If you are allergic to a particular food, it is likely that you will crave it and eat it frequently. The food becomes mildly addictive. You may find it hard to believe you are reacting to it.
How can you track down a food allergy? There are two ways to do this: have a blood test or follow a hypo-allergenic diet.


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