I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the summer — the long hot days, the outside activities, the sport and recreation enjoyed by most Australians.

I feel there are a few things we should know about the heat to avoid danger. The very young and the very old do not tolerate extremes of either heat or cold. In both, temperature regulation does not have the efficiency it should.

The body is like a motor. As it works, it produces heat. This heat must be got rid of or else our temperature will keep increasing. Most heat is lost by sweat evaporating from the skin, but this becomes ineffective when the atmospheric temperature is too high.

But very high temperatures can be experienced in parked cars when the windows are left closed and the car is exposed to direct heat, even on days of moderate temperature.

Babies and small children left in cars while mother is shopping can be placed in danger and the heat stroke that results could be fatal.


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