Until very recently, most doctors thought that veins, which carry blood out of the penis, weren’t important culprits in erection problems. Doctors thought that the amount of blood leaving the penis didn’t change much, whether a man was erect or not. The arteries were the main concern. The fact that some veins in the penis could be abnormal and sabotage erection all by themselves wasn’t recognized.

That view has undergone a radical shift in just the last few years. New research has demonstrated that abnormal veins in the penis can sabotage erection. They do this by letting blood flow too rapidly out of the penis, thus preventing a man from getting or maintaining an erection. Normally, when a man becomes erect, the veins partially shut down, restricting the blood flow. Leaky veins, however, don’t get the message, and keep the blood flowing out of the penis.

In fact, some experts now think that a significant percentage of men with physically caused erection problems may have leaky veins. Doctors are continuing to study the problem and new research should soon tell us even more.


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