If the headache is due to a sub-arachnoid bleed you need medical alien/ion. urgently; complementary therapies are not useful until after help has been sought and attention given.

If the headache is an exacerbation of a tension headache, all the complementary therapies listed in the chapter on tension headaches will help.

In the meantime, however, there are numerous things that can be undertaken – many of which can enhance sexual intercourse. Try massaging (or having your partner massage) around the hack of the neck, temples and eyes with a blend of basil, camomile, coriander, lavender, melissa or clary sage, in a grapeseed or avocado carrier oil. eye compresses of camomile or rosemary can help, if you use them for twenty minutes or so when the headache sets in, or following intercourse.

Tea tree, geranium, niaouli or lavender on the lamp or radiator beside the bed will provide a stimulating aroma, as well as working to relax you. If you are worried about sexual performance, try a bath with ylang-ylang (a known aphrodisiac) or rose (for women, in particular).

Acupressure can be done between partners, as can reflexology – both of which are relaxing and preventative. Soft music will release tension, as will candlelight- romantic and therapeutic.

Regular courses of feverfew may help to prevent headaches during sex, in the same way it can control migraine. Acupressure and Shiatsu are helpful for long-term conditions, and osteopaths and chiropractors can also pin-point a musculoskeletal cause that orthodox medicine might just have missed. Psychotherapy can help you deal with feelings of fear or apathy surrounding sexual intercourse. Often deep-rooted feelings can be the cause of physical pain.


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