Washing soda (available from supermarkets) is an effective general cleaner for all kinds of uses, but do not use on anything made of aluminium. Dissolve a tablespoonful in a bowl of hot water.

You can use washing soda for washing paintwork; for cleaning baths and tile work; for washing floors; for cleaning windows; for washing cars. It is less effective than detergents or dishwashing liquids at cutting grease, so use in combination with one that you tolerate if you need extra grease-cutting power. Washing soda can damage some oven surfaces.

Amway make a general cleaner, LOC Regular, a concentrated and powerful detergent which is generally well tolerated. Available via Amway agents.

Livos make a range of low-allergen general cleaners. These are new on the market and we have no reports of how well they are tolerated. Livos will send small samples to try before purchase.

Glass and Tile Cleaners

To clean glass and tiles, you can use a general cleaner such as wash¬ing soda or Amway’s LOC Regular. If you tolerate vinegar, you can also mix white vinegar half and half with water. Apply lightly to the surface and polish with a soft cotton cloth.

To clean scum and mould from tiles and grouting, sprinkle Borax or sodium bicarbonate on a nailbrush and scrub thoroughly. Borax and sodium bicarbonate inhibit mould growth.


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